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As we are an online school, students will need to be able to use the VLE, join tutorial classes by video conferencing and type and submit assignments electronically.

All students will need access to:

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A suitably powerful desktop or laptop computer or other device, capable of running a recent Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. We do please request the use of a Windows device (see below) and cannot provide additional support for non-windows devices.
  • An inbuilt or plug-in webcam and microphone for video conferencing. We currently integrate Zoom into our learning portal - see below for more information on setting up an account.
  • To use a handheld device, it must run iOS version 12.2+ or Android version 6.0+.
  • A keyboard and mouse/touchpad/touchscreen to prepare assignments with MS Word or compatible software (e.g. Google Docs).
  • It is helpful to have access to Microsoft 365 (Word, PowerPoint,Excel) but we also suggest that parents sign their children up for a Gmail account so they have access to the Google equivalents - i.e. Docs/Slides/Sheets.

Points to note:

  • Device Support At present, mobile devices and tablet computers can be used with the Immanuel Online School Learning Portal but all students are also required to have access to a device where they can use a keyboard and have a suitable screen. The mobile optimised app can also be downloaded from the Play or Apple store and this can allow for a seamless mobile experience for when students do have to access the portal on the go.

  • Apple Macintosh Computers For optimal compatibility, it is recommended to utilize a Windows PC or laptop, given that IOS course materials are designed for Windows based devices. Although Apple Mac computers can be used, they operate with distinct file types that may necessitate file conversion and have various other difficulties in compatibility with some of the open source software and coding IDEs we use (e.g. in Computer Science). It is also advised to employ the Google Chrome Internet browser.

  • Printing and Scanning To facilitate schoolwork, it is suggested that students have access to a printer and scanner, as certain subjects may require the printing and scanning of class exercises and exams. Alternatively, students can use a mobile phone to capture completed work and utilize the Microsoft Lens app for scanning.

  • Audio All setups require speakers and a microphone. A USB headset, encompassing both headphones and a microphone, is recommended.

  • Camera and Zoom Many lessons provide students with the option to participate using webcams. It is suggested to use an integrated webcam or an external USB webcam, depending on the device type. We currently integrate Zoom tutorials into our learning portal. All students must have a Zoom Account. Note that a parent would have to sign up for an account on a student's behalf (for below 16s) and provide their consent for use.

  • Software Requirements An office package is essential, and students would be expected to have access to the online versions of Microsoft Office apps during their enrollment. While these apps can perform the majority of tasks required for schoolwork, it's worth noting that they have limitations compared to the installed versions. If students prefer using the installed apps, it is advisable to acquire a Microsoft 365 Subscription. As mentioned above, the alternative is to sign up for a Gmail account in order to access the available Google suite (Docs/Slides/Sheets).

  • A PDF viewer Adobe Reader is the recommended PDF viewer, but if necessary, an internet browser can also open these files.

  • Internet Browser For optimal performance, Google Chrome (latest version) is recommended.