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Immanuel Online School uses a custom-made Moodle virtual learning environment. A virtual learning environment (or VLE for short) is an online system that allows students to access multimedia learning materials and communicate with their teachers via a single portal. Students/Parents can track progress and achievements and instant feedback is provided on assessments taken. Tutors will communicate securely with students via the portal.

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The VLE allows students to easily find their lesson materials, review and revise lessons at a later date and keep track of their progress.

Parents and guardians can also access the VLE to see the topics that have been studied, the test and assessment marks and feedback, enabling transparency and immediate insight into a student's progress - no more waiting for a parents' evening!

In collaboration with and, now used by 2600+ schools, Immanuel Online School has particular expertise in Computer Science and coding. All students will complete courses in subjects such as computer science theory, AI, machine learning, blockchain, programming, game design, website development and computational thinking skills.

A bespoke platform with gamification and analytics will have lessons and outstanding assessment for learning built in. This also includes innovative pathways for learning in all subjects and will available to all members.

Immanuel Online School uses educational technology to maximise the depth and efficacy of teaching and learning.