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Immanuel Online School will provide subject-specific guidance to prepare you for your IGCSE exams. However, it's important to note that we do not directly assist with the entry process. This means that arranging exam entries, booking exam centres, and understanding the exam format are tasks that parents or guardians need to undertake.

Key Points about Cambridge IGCSEs:

  • Internationally recognized qualification
  • Offered by Cambridge Assessment International Education
  • Wide range of subjects available
  • Choice between traditional letter grades (A* to G) or numerical grades (9 to 1)
  • Curriculum content aligned with UK GCSEs

If you're considering IGCSEs for your home-educated child, here are some essential steps to keep in mind:

  1. Research the subjects your child wishes to study and ensure they align with their educational goals.
  2. Explore the available exam centres in your area or region. (see some links below)
  3. Contact the selected exam centre(s) to inquire about their registration process, exam dates, and fees.
  4. Ensure your child is well-prepared for the exams by following our curriculum and guidance materials.
  5. Submit the exam entry forms and fees within the specified deadlines.
  6. Plan ahead for the exam days, ensuring your child is familiar with the exam venue and any additional requirements.

Booking Information and Exam Venues

The last date for booking varies depending on the venue, but it's advisable to book before January 2025 for summer 2025 exams. It's probably worth looking into booking as soon as possible to make sure you can book your preferred exam centre(s).

Recommended Booking Timeline:

Before January 2025 for summer 2025 exams

Helpful Lists for Finding Exam Venues:

The Cambridge website list is not always as up-to-date as the parent-maintained wiki site.

Pricing and Test Centres

Prices charged by test centres vary significantly. Some commercial centres specializing in exams tend to be pricier, while schools accepting private candidates often offer more affordable rates.

Setting Up an Exam Centre

If you are a school or local hub and interested in setting up an exam centre, please note that the requirements include a permanently staffed reception, secure paper storage, and suitable exam rooms.

Exam Details

All exams will be conducted through the Cambridge International exam board, focusing on the single sciences. An example list for the 2023-2024 cohort includes:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Maths
  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Science

Exam Codes (Letter/Numerical):

  • Chemistry (0620 / 0971)
  • Biology (0610 / 0970)
  • Physics (0625 / 0972)
  • Maths (0580 / 0980)
  • English Literature (0475 / 0992)
  • English Language (0500 / 0990)
  • Business Studies (0450 / 0986)
  • Computer Science (0478 / 0984)

Note: Foundations is a non-examined course (so we don't set assignments either in Years 10 to 11).

Mock Exams

With regard to mocks, we have exam question practice assignments throughout the courses, timed mock end of year exams in June for Year 10, timed mock exams in spring for Year 11, and plenty of practice papers for the revision period.