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Immanuel Online School follows a broad, enhanced English school curriculum, covering a range of subjects to prepare students for International GCSE exams and for life beyond school.

The following subjects are studied by all students in the first to third year of the school (i.e. YR 7 to 9/6th to 8th Grade):

  • Combined humanities (history and geography)
  • Combined science (physics, biology and chemistry)
  • Computing and IT
  • English language
  • English literature
  • Foundation studies
  • Mathematics

In the fourth and fifth year of the school (i.e. YR10-11/9th to 10th Grade), students study nine IGCSE subjects plus Foundation Studies.

Special Events

We plan to organise special seminars on a range of subjects, including talks and discussions led by guest speakers.


All learning materials and teaching are in English. As the school may have students from a range of national and linguistic backgrounds, we do not currently offer a specific language as a secondary language in the curriculum. This will be kept under review but we encourage students to make use of the wide range of free and low-cost resources available online for learning and practising languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Computing and IT

In collaboration with and, Immanuel Online School has particular expertise in Computer Science and coding. All students will complete courses in subjects such as computer science theory, AI, machine learning, blockchain, programming, game design, website development and computational thinking skills.

Foundation Studies

Foundation Studies are a unique element of Immanuel Online School. Foundations combines Biblical studies, theology, apologetics and philosophy, New Testament Greek, religious studies, church and cultural history to provide students with a deep-rooted understanding of Christianity and the contemporary world in which they live.