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Immanuel Online School provides:

  • Online education for students aged 11-16 including IGCSE courses.
  • A complete Christian school curriculum and online materials for schools internationally.
  • Online British education for the children of missionary families.
  • Courses with live tutorials (IOS) and time-flexible asynchronous courses (NSWLearning).
  • Low cost content only options for families and schools.


Immanuel Online School provides curriculum support (both with tutors and content-only) for schools in the United Kingdom and for Christian international schools in Zambia and Ghana.

The IOS curriculum and NSWLearning courses provide ideal support for small and medium-sized Christian schools around the world, especially in subjects where teacher recruitment can be difficult at secondary level.

This can also be an excellent way for international schools to expand their options to students by providing a range of IGCSE subjects without requiring additional expert teaching staff. Our tutors have experience of working with schools in a number of countries, offering a flexible, professional and cost-effective service. If you have a need for curriculum support for pupils aged 11-16 please do contact us to discuss what we can provide.

The benefits for schools include:

  • Ability to quickly and easily offer a wide range of subjects.
  • Flexibility for students in choosing combinations of IGCSE subject.
  • Substantially reduces the pressure of recruiting specialist teaching staff.
  • High quality tutor support.
  • Content only option: access to our Virtual Learning Environment with provision for students and supervisor access.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easily accommodates fluctuations in student numbers.

Ease of use

Lessons remain on our Virtual Learning Environment for the whole of the academic year, making it possible for the student to review the lessons as many times as necessary. Students are able to access our learning platform from any internet-enabled computer. No software needs to be installed on school computers in order to access our learning platform and just about every modern web browser is supported. Students can even access our resources from their homes without any additional security requirements!